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ARCA was created with one thing in mind — to ease your agency’s administration burden. We do this by reducing your manual work on payroll processing and generation, creating reports, and intelligently tracking your active book of business.

Infinite Flexibility

ARCA was created to be flexible. Regardless of the data format and the types of conditions and payments to be processed — our custom importer, templating engine, and rules engine, allow for handling the vast majority of your data capture and payroll needs.

Complicated, No Longer

Some examples of what ARCA can do easily:

  • Prorated payments
  • Triggered service overrides
  • Paying a related agent/agency payment on an agent’s payment
  • PEMDAS-based conditions and rules for any and all payments
  • Custom triggers for rules
  • Infinite custom fields for your forms that can be used to import any and all data — fully searchable and filterable for your custom reporting needs.

Automated Reporting

Not only do we aptly handle commissions and statements, but we also automatically create sales and financial reports to give you clear business insights in real-time for what matters the most to you — your bottom line.


While there isn’t a single system that does everything for you instantly and automatically — we have developed a system that, once set up, reduces your commissions workload to simply verifying the output. We also automate your sales and financial reports generation as part of statement processing.

Maximum Protection/Security

ARCA is Veracode certified. We can guarantee a protected environment for your sensitive information. Our system complies to HITRUST and HIPAA regulations using automated static code tests, software composition analysis, and a continuous test-driven development cycle.


We take personal pride in every line of code written. We are constantly working on improving the system, introducing new features to our customers’ benefit – without additional charge or upselling. If issues are found by you or your staff, our team is always there to directly respond and make sure to fix the problem as quickly as possible.


How do I get started?

Contact us for a demo! Then, once all the necessary steps are taken to have you with us as a client, we will deploy your system and give system credentials to your primary contact.

The primary contact can then use our Onboarding Wizard to fully populate the necessary data sets for the system which are:

  1. Your roster of agents and hierarchy of downline agencies
  2. Your carriers and products
When this has been completed, we will assist you on bringing in historical data (if needed) and setting up templates and payment rules for a carrier of your choice (we usually recommend the most complicated one for your business). If more help is needed after this point, we suggest getting in touch with us so that we may best accommodate your needs.

What about CRM?

ARCA is a focused commissions and sales tracking system. However, we do provide a stripped-down CRM, which is not fully customizable, unlike the rest of ARCA. If your pre-sales workflow is straightforward and simple, you can leverage the built-in CRM for your needs, including status, leads dashboards, and automated lead/campaign reports. Please note that future delivery of feature updates to the CRM is very limited, and we strongly suggest working with us to either use the system as-is, or bring your own CRM into the workflow.

In the near future we will be rolling out a general means of API integration, which would allow for you to integrate and automate the transfer of newly sold policies from an existing CRM platform into ARCA.

What about support?

We build in 10 hours of flexible support/training as part of your onboarding process. After the flex time is up, we are easily reachable via email for any further assistance or inquiries. We also offer electronic documentation and training videos to help you along in fully utilizing ARCA. If you have greater needs for training, assistance, or direct work, please contact us so that we may best accommodate your needs.

Do you check for licensing counts and users?

Yes, we do! During the pre-sales our potential clients let us know how many system users there will be, and if agent portals will be utilized. After the system is in production, we automatically check the existing active user-base and number of active agent portals against the thresholds given to us. If it is over the initial limit, we will contact you directly and work with you on accounting for an increased threshold.

Do you offer the system as a localized system?

No, we are a fully cloud-based SaaS. If this is a hard requirement, please contact us about your needs.

Are you HIPAA compliant? What about XYZ security compliance?

We follow HIPAA/HITRUST standards as verified by our Veracode policy. You can rest assured that we do our best when it comes to information and data security. If there are outside needs for a different security compliance program and audit, such as CORL, please contact us.

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